is a feature documentary about a washed-up boxer's searches for peace, closure, and redemption through the one professional fight he never had.

Twenty-two years ago, amateur boxer David Waknine showed them all. No one thought a little Jewish kid from Morocco could last two rounds. They even said his trainer was a joke. But in Eddie Tyler, David found not just a trainer but the father-figure he never had. David fought his way to the finals of the NY Golden Gloves. He’d proved himself to everyone...except himself.

Haunted by his past--a childhood in Morocco where he was raped at the age of 11, an emotionally distant and unsupportive family, and a sudden move to a strange country --David’s psyche was fragile. He lost the match in the finals and soon after, left the sport.

On a grey September week in 2011 in Pittsburgh PA, his beloved mentor Eddie succumbed to cancer. David realized he was running out of time to make a change. He was tired of giving up on himself and wondered if it were possible to live beyond his own inner demons. He set a goal: one professional fight. Now 45 years old--and 70 pounds overweight--the physical challenge alone is overwhelming but gaining closure on the past will take even more. David revisits old wounds, seeks closure with his family and faces his own toughest opponent: himself. His journey will prove that it’s never too late to go ONE MORE ROUND.