Life’s Curveballs

Posted on July 30, 2014 Under Journal 0 Comments

Recently, I was preparing for my first fight at the Desert Showdown, and later found out I would be unable to fight due to the fact there was no qualified opponent. It wasn’t a large set back on my fitness journey, and almost came as a blessing in disguise once I obtained my foot injury. If anything I was more excited about the High Desert Diamond Belt Tournament, because there would have been more opportunity to meet fellow amateur boxers, and more relatable relationships to have been made. These are not defeats but definitely contribute to my frustration. I’m trying to take this frustration and turn it into motivation in the gym, but it seems thats harder to do when I need to stay off of my foot, and stay away from strenuous activity!

Yes, this injury could have been worse, I could have torn a ligament, or even broken or fractured a bone, but instead I just need to rest it for some time. Theres a saying, “It takes two weeks to get out of shape and twice as long to get back in shape”. And thats what I’m most afraid of, its the fear for the struggle. The struggle of losing progress, sweating, being sore, and fighting to make up for everything I’ve lost. It’s almost painful to stop working out, its become a habit, a way of life, and my main focus. Everything that I’ve worked so hard for, the time it took to get in this physical state I’m in now, I can’t let it go to waste. Its like I’m back tracking in my fitness journey, when I’m working so hard to push forward and improve. Hopefully with continuing to eat right and being conscious, I won’t regress too much when I get back in the gym.