David Waknine


David Waknine’s achievements and contributions to the industry know no limits. His acting has been described by critics as “brilliant,” with “infectious passion.” His short film The Sit Down, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, was featured at Cannes International Film Festival and is now in pre-production as a feature. David’s many hats include a career as a Golden Gloves Boxer, who was invited to fight with the US National Team, and an entrepreneur who successfully ran many bars and restaurants. It was in that role that he met the filmmakers who encouraged his acting career. Roles came quickly, including Days of Our Lives, Providence (NBC), and Manswers (Spike TV). On New York stages, he has played leading roles in many of the American classics.David’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of Hollywood Fight Club Theater, which played to packed houses for over ten years. Overall, he has produced and directed over 285 plays worldwide. In July, 2011, David began transforming the company into HFC Pictures, for which he has already written, directed and produced 8 commercials and 6 short films. His passion and highest goal in life is to keep making honest work with an impact that audiences can feel long after the final bell.