Devin Haman

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Co-Owner

Moving on from his successes in the fields of promotions and real estate, Devin opened the first of his now famous Sunset Tan tanning salons on the Sunset Strip in 2003.  Thanks to the unmatched quality of the facility, Sunset Tan became franchised through the United States and known as the Tanning Salon of the Stars. During this time, Devin began planning to open a health and anti-aging center employing the same business philosophy of simply being the best, and the concept of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center was born. Since opening the original BHRC in Los Angeles, Devin has opened two more locations in Dallas and Scottsdale and is currently looking into expanding BHRC throughout the United States. Devin was recognized in Item Magazine’s “Power 100 List” and was named one of the 100 most powerful people in the United States alongside Donald Trump, Steve Wynn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Celine Dion and Leonardo DiCaprio.  In addition, he was profiled in an Entrepreneur Magazine feature that was aptly titled “Looking Like a Million Bucks”.