Dr. Steven W. Meier

Dr. Steven W. Meier, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Whether working with recreational athletes, injured workers, or any other individuals, Steven W. Meier, MD provides each patient with the quality of care given to professional athletes.

Dr. Meier utilizes multiple therapeutic techniques which may include an exercise program, rehabilitation, or minimally invasive surgery. When surgery is necessary, the most current and leading-edge technologies are employed, which typically result in less postoperative pain and faster recovery.

Teaching and research are essential for staying at the forefront of this evolving medical specialty. Dr. Meier regularly presents his original research, performs surgery internationally, and teaches advanced arthroscopic procedures to surgeons all over the world in countries such as Europe, Asia, South America and Africa as well as within the United States. He has also published numerous articles in specialty textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.

Since Dr. Meier is known to be a leading surgeon within his specialty, patients with difficult and complex joint disorders often seek him out, including those who have had surgery elsewhere with unsatisfactory results. As a consequence, patients often travel from out-of-state and overseas to receive the care of Dr. Meier.

Dr. Meier has, with experience, refined how to individualize and streamline the practice of medicine to meet the demands of high-performance individuals while providing the same level of progressive treatment to athletes and non-athletes alike.