Shawn Phillips

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Nutritionist

Shawn is one of the most popular health practitioners in Los Angeles with a client list that includes various celebrities and athletes. He is the founder of Perfect Body, Inc., has been a  fitness spokesperson for Time Warner, manages three health and fitness websites, was featured four times on KCAL 9 news “9 on the town”, was featured on CBS radio 97.1 numerous times, has appeared on a variety of cable shows, is the In-house Nutritionist at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and runs a successful health practice. After struggling with his own personal health challenges, he decided to dedicate his life to health and fitness and started a new career to help others. Since 2002, Shawn is an entrepreneur in the fitness industry focusing on exercise coaching, public speaking, holistic healing, and media. Shawn specializes in body sculpting and fat loss, nutrition and disease prevention, postural alignment, energy and mood enhancement thru natural means, anti aging, holistic healing and lab testing. He is considered an expert on Holistic Training and Holistic Healing.  He prides himself on providing loving, compassionate, supportive environment to help his clients not only regain their health, vitality and youth, but also to maintain their health once it’s regained.