Time to take action

Posted on May 12, 2014 Under Journal 0 Comments

Saturday morning I went back to the hospital. They wanted someone to sign for the responsibility of Robert’s bills, preferably his wife, but she did not feel comfortable signing and ended up flying back home that day. This really upset me. I know that they love each other in their own way and who am I to judge that, but fuck, your husband is dying or possibly could be and you’re leaving?

The next day my cousin, uncle and older brother Daniel left, however Daniel said he would be back Thursday. I headed back to the hospital, or should I say clinic and noticed how empty it was. I didn’t feel comfortable having my brother stay there, I knew he needed to be back in the United States, but I didn’t know how to move him in his current state. So, that night I stayed up late and did all types of research. One clinic kept popping up, the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, so I made some phone calls to Carol Pontius. She has worked in the medical field for some time and is originally from Ohio, so I truly respect and cherish her opinion. She confirmed they are the best and gave me some questions to ask the doctors, so I arranged to meet with all of the doctors in the same room the following morning at 8:30am.